Is Caritas Village and Cafe Permanently Closed?

A safe place for many, Caritas Village is a neighborhood safe haven that doubles as a cafe for Memphis residents. Initially it closed its doors with the rest of the state due to the pandemic, but is yet to open its door again. Many people are going without food or a place to go because of this decision.

Caritas served as a restaurant mostly serving locally farmed items from their menu and offered a pay it forward style of charging its customers. In a pay it forward institute someone can buy a meal for a stranger or friend when buying their meal and if someone less fortunate comes in they get to receive a free warm meal. These pay it forward meals helped those who are less fortunate in the Binghamton area and all around the United States. 

Many of the employees were volunteers from the area and are still doing what they can for their fellow residents, some saying they still see certain regular costumes asking for left overs or any food they can spare, being that many of the customers at Caritas Village cannot afford to feed themselves. In these uncertain times many restaurants and places of business have decided not to re-open. One employee even stated, “A lot of people are going to go really hungry if we don’t continue our program to feed this neighborhood.” 

But even with devoted employees and volunteers there is still no confirmed opening date. There are statements being put out to the media that the owners and board of directors will continue to keep this safe space closed until they are able to restructure operations. 

Unfortunately, while the board of directors takes action to change things and update the operation of the restaurant, it will remain closed and not be able to offer the kinds of services it was previous to the pandemic. Again, as of right now it is highly suggested that the community center, restaurant, and safe haven called Caritas Village is expected to stay closed permanently as posted on Google.

We should all do what we can to help this community and the many like it as the United States continues to open and allows people to go out more and be in closer contact with each other. Without places like Caritas Village those who would normally be fed there are lost without hope. We can be that hope for them. Donate to your local shelters and if you have the time volunteer to help as soup kitchens and other places that offer pay it forward meals. Caritas isn’t the only place in the United States that offers these aids to those in need. Find something near you and if there isn’t one, start one. We can all use help in some way coming out of the pandemic.