Get the Full Experience at Caritas Village

Caritas Village strives to bring the community together and share cultural experiences as means to a greater end. As we all age and progress through life, we will cross paths with many people from our own cultural backgrounds as well as cultures we have never experienced. Here at Caritas Village we want to break down those walls of what we think we know about other cultures and provide a safe space for the community to gather and share likeness as well as differences.

Let’s bridge the gap between the older community and the younger community and offer each other comfort, understanding, respect and support. We have the opportunity to make this a safe place for people in our community suffering from Alzheimers and dementia by bringing back their sense of community.  

One commonality that every culture shares is taking care of their elderly. We want to help create that stable environment and provide the space for everyone in our community, even the elderly, to enjoy each other’s presence and to be the voice for those that are without. 

For folks needing long term care services due to chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, we can work together as a community to help care for them. It has been said that interacting with the community can have a positive impact on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It can jog their memory and bring back happy feelings that were thought to have been lost. When patients with Alzheimer’s disease go to a long term care facility, they may not be getting the same interaction that can be provided to them by their own community. That said, long term care facilities that provide care for patients with Alzheimer’s can be quite costly for the patient and their friends and family. It is a monotonous life they succumb to in the facility environment especially for those who don’t have any visitors. 

Bring your friends and family to Caritas Village and help us build a better, stronger community for all of our family and friends to enjoy!