Get the Full Experience at Caritas Village

Caritas Village strives to bring the community together and share cultural experiences as means to a greater end. As we all age and progress through life, we will cross paths with many people from our own cultural backgrounds as well as cultures we have never experienced. Here at Caritas Village we want to break down those walls of what we think we know about other cultures and provide a safe space for the community to gather and share likeness as well as differences.

Let’s bridge the gap between the older community and the younger community and offer each other comfort, understanding, respect and support. We have the opportunity to make this a safe place for people in our community suffering from Alzheimers and dementia by bringing back their sense of community.  

One commonality that every culture shares is taking care of their elderly. We want to help create that stable environment and provide the space for everyone in our community, even the elderly, to enjoy each other’s presence and to be the voice for those that are without. 

For folks needing long term care services due to chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, we can work together as a community to help care for them. It has been said that interacting with the community can have a positive impact on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It can jog their memory and bring back happy feelings that were thought to have been lost. When patients with Alzheimer’s disease go to a long term care facility, they may not be getting the same interaction that can be provided to them by their own community. That said, long term care facilities that provide care for patients with Alzheimer’s can be quite costly for the patient and their friends and family. It is a monotonous life they succumb to in the facility environment especially for those who don’t have any visitors. 

Bring your friends and family to Caritas Village and help us build a better, stronger community for all of our family and friends to enjoy!   

More Delicious Options at Caritas Village

Bing Burger Sliders

Caritas Village bing burger sliders are a must-try when visiting this Memphis multicultural establishment. Caritas Village serves 8 oz burgers using fresh 80/20 ground chuck. There is also an option for a veggie or turkey burger. It would be best to keep in mind that Caritas Villages’ bing burger sliders are cooked medium, and patrons are allowed to request their burgers to be cooked otherwise.

Swiss Burger

Try Caritas Village’s juicy Swiss Burger. It features a beef patty, topped with sauteed mushrooms, two layers of swiss cheese, and your choice of sauce and salads.

Grilled Burgers

You can tell when a burger is done right. And most patrons would agree that Caritas Villages’ burgers are done right – the juicy inside and the char-grilled, smoky outside, all barely contained within a toasty, chewy roll. That’s all a good burger is all about. What makes Caritas Villages’ grilled burgers to die for is their excellence in simplicity. The burger is light and doesn’t have a lot going on. However, you would be mistaken to think that it does not come packed with flavor.

Roast Beef

There’s no better way to achieve maximum impact with your meal at Caritas Village than with a hearty roast beef. Roast beef is a classic main dish for family get-togethers and holidays, and it is also a great option if you feel like enjoying an elegant dinner. This is a must-try dish when you visit Caritas Village in Memphis. Your palate will scarcely be disappointed.
Chicken Vegetable Soup

If you’re up for some soup, you can’t go wrong with the chicken vegetable soup. This is the ultimate chicken and veggie soup. Yes, it has vegetables, and yes, it has chicken. It is a soup like none you’ve tasted before, and one bowl is never enough. The only recommendation is to take it slow and enjoy the flavor and character of this soup.

Caritas Village usually has a daily lunch special offer when you walk in. The lunch offers go for only $6 and make for a pretty wholesome meal. Some exciting recent lunch specials featured on Caritas Villages’ menu include homemade lasagna with garlic pita, dessert, and a fresh salad. The baked tilapia over mixed vegetables and rice is also hard to beat. Other exciting selections on Caritas Villages menu are artichoke salad, greek salad, Ibti soup, cookies, and coffee.

A major draw to Caritas Village is affordability. Most of the menu selections at the establishment are reasonably and competitively priced. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar establishment in Memphis with comparable prices. The affordability is also matched with quality. Caritas Village has received many positive reviews concerning the quality of its meal. Some customers said the meals were “pretty good” while others said that the food was “out of this world” and like “nothing they have ever tasted before”.

Caritas Village is also known for its hospitality. This establishment does not compromise on the quality of experience guests receive. This includes both the quality of meals served, as well as how they are served. The staff at Caritas village is always cheerful and happy. They shower you with the type of contagious smile that brightens up your day and makes you filled with joy. They are also very knowledgeable about the menu offerings at Caritas Village and are always eager to answer any questions that customers may have. If you are new at Caritas Village and are unsure about what you should have, you can request a recommendation that best suits your preferences.

Oh, and did we mention that there’s free WiFi?

Yes. So if you would like to bring your laptop and get some unfinished work during your visit to Caritas Village, you are more than welcome to do so. However, be sure not to meet out on the experience of meeting people from different cultures.
All in all, visiting Caritas Village is a no-brainer if you’re looking for the best quality and most affordable meals in Memphis. The icing on the cake? The opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, learn from them, and make friends. An exciting adventure awaits you on your next visit to Caritas Village in Memphis.

Best Dishes to Try at Caritas Village in Memphis

Another reason why people love to visit the Caritas Village in Memphis is the mouth-watering selection of dishes. No matter which day of the year it is, it’s always a good idea to head to Caritas Village for a tasty, heartfelt meal. Some of the dishes, desserts, and soups available at Caritas Village in Memphis include chicken shawarma, falafel, Ibti soup, quesadillas, bing burger sliders, swiss burger, grilled burger, roast beef, artichoke salad, and greek salad.

Each of these dishes is a treat for the palate. Coffee and cookies are also available if you would like something light for dessert.

Chicken Shawarma

Caritas Villages’ chicken shawarma is good for a couple of reasons. To begin with, it is the perfect lunch option if you are looking for a quick meal as you mingle with new people. Chicken shawarma has significant nutritional value. For example, it contains proteins, fiber, potassium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

The good thing about Caritas Villages’ chicken shawarma is that it doesn’t contain a lot of calories. It is also great for trimming down on carbs as it can make you satisfied quite fast. Caritas Village does not use a lot of fat and oils when marinating and baking the chicken breast and pita bread. This means that you will have healthy chicken shawarma.


Caritas Village makes the best authentic falafel in Memphis. What’s your favorite way to enjoy falafel? Do you love them in warm pita sandwiches with hummus or tahini sauce or as part of a mezze salad? Whatever your preference, you will definitely fall in love with Caritas Village’s falafel. It is hearty and flavorful, packed with protein and plant-power with the perfect balance of fresh herbs, cayenne, cumin, and coriander. The falafel is prepared using dry chickpeas rather than canned ones for the best flavor and texture.


Quesadillas are an excellent option when extremely hungry and want to have a quick and satisfying meal. Caritas Village makes elegant and easy quesadillas made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. They boast a royal blend of flavors for that authentic Southwestern taste. The grilled chicken quesadillas at Caritas Village are prepared using grilled boneless chicken thighs. The tortillas are layered with a combination of onion, cheese, and chicken served with sour cream and salsa. It’s a combination that’s tough to beat, and your palate will thank you for it.

Welcome to Caritas Memphis!

Caritas Village in Memphis is the perfect place for neighbors and friends to break bread together and share conversations to nourish the body and soul. At The Village, people build bridges of trust and love and break down walls of hostility. Caritas is Latin for “love for all people”, and Caritas Village lives up to that love. You could call it a church of sorts – that provides food for both the soul and body. It is a cultural center and coffee shop wrapped and immersed in the community. It is also the go-to place for affordable, high-quality dishes in Memphis. This delightful establishment, established in 2006, is where people from different backgrounds, races, orientations, and beliefs can come together, dine, share fun, and fellowship in Memphis.

Caritas Village: A Multicultural Experience

The main reason why most people flock to Caritas Village in Memphis is to mingle with people from different backgrounds. Granted, there are many benefits of interacting with people whose background is not the same as yours. For example, it helps you develop insight into their lives and beliefs and understand how they are different from yours. You learn to accept differences and gain an appreciation of the idea that no culture is better than the other and that each has its own beauty and uniqueness.

Meeting people from different backgrounds can have a substantial positive impact on your personality. You acquire social skills and learn how to handle different situations. Multiculturalism also helps you discover the habits, language, and nuances of the practices of people from different backgrounds.

You begin to gain diverse and rich experiences about the universe without even realizing it. You are no longer confined to your own practices and culture but understand and acknowledge other beliefs as well. You also become more accepting, accommodating, and broad-minded about others’ differences.

Another benefit of interacting with people from different backgrounds at Caritas Village is that you gain more awareness about your own culture. People rarely contemplate or think about their own culture. However, being amidst people from different cultures creates a tendency to compare their culture to ours. Consequently, you trace back to our roots and draw the positive and negative aspects of our culture and learn to appreciate it more.

The end result?

You become more adept at carrying yourself through different situations in life.